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Citizenship Essay Winners - Julia M., Ian A, and Emilia D.

November 20, 2014 at 9:49 AM

Julia M– Room 10

Citizenship is an important character pillar at Mountain View because it is one word that represents the other pillars. Citizenship is also important as it helps us Golden Bears to stay focused, do our best each and everyday, and makes us responsible for our actions. For example, keeping our campus clean, being safe, and not making excuses or lie. Another example is Mrs. Everson and Mrs. Graves are really great citizens. This is why I feel Citizenship is important at Mountain View.


Ian A. Room 23

I am a citizen of many places. I am a citizen of my country, the United States. I am a citizen of my city, Fresno. I am a citizen of my school, Mountain View Elementary home of the Golden Bears. To be a good citizen you need to be loyal.

Being loyal to your country means making sure there is no pollution in the oceans and the rivers. It means respecting your President when he makes a law and following the law. Sometimes people join the army to be a better citizen and to defend their country. When I visited our country’s capital, Washington, D.C., there were monuments to recognize good citizens like warriors who fought in World War I and ii, the Vietnam War, and the Korean War. They made me feel sad because the people who fought in these wars fought for my freedom and my independence and risked their lives for me. Some of them didn’t make it home to their loved ones. There were memorials to famous presidents like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. They made me feel happy. There were also memorials to famous people like Martin Luther King Jr who fought for the rights of all people.

Being loyal to your city means taking good care of it. In November, I helped my friend clean up Woodward Park by picking up weeds and trash. Some people grow up to protect our city from evil-doers and crime by becoming police officers. Some people grow up to protect our city from fires. Some people grow up to keep us healthy like doctors and nurses. Some people grow up to be the leader of a city like the Mayor. A good Mayor treats everyone fairly and with kindness. Some people grow up to teach us how to be the best we can be. Teachers are good citizens.

Being loyal to your school is also important. You can be a good citizens of Mountain View by respecting your campus and not vandalizing its property. You can be a good citizens by respecting your teacher, principal and vice-principal. Treat others the way you want to be treated, that’s the Golden Rule. Be nice to everyone. Do your part to make Mountain View the best school it can be. If everyone was a good citizen we’d all be friends and there would be no vandalizing of our school. Being able to be a good citizen is inside all of us, so let’s all show Citizenship to the world.


Emilia D. Room 9

A person of Citizenship is a good citizen. They do his or her share. They help the community. They also play by the rules. Next, they pick up trash on campus. They don’t run in the halls. I think they don’t make a lot of noise. They should not interrupt. Then, they should do their work. Citizenship is being trustworthy, respectful, fair, responsible, caring and they respond to whatever the other people say. That is what Citizenship is to me.