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Fairness Essay Winners - Dezoona Z., Giselle O., and Sofia K.

February 20, 2015 at 12:22 PM

Deynoona Z Room 23– What do you think Fairness means? Does it just mean to share and let people play with you? Well fairness does mean to share and let people play with you but it also means to be open-minded and to not take advantage of other people. If you are fair, that  means you play by the rules, don’t blame others carelessly, take turns, and you treat people fairly. Each day I see kids doing all those things and making our school a better place. People who are fair care about other peoples feelings and they want to make sure everyone at school are happy. People who are fair make our school look like a good place to be. An example of fairness is if someone was playing with a ball and someone wants to play with it too, they make sure they take turns. People who are fair express gratitude for other people. Without people who show they are fair, the world would be a tough, harsh place. It would be very hard to communicate with others as well. If you imagine a world that no bad, no one would say anything nice and no one would care for others or share. Everyone would be really selfish. When someone is fair, you would be really selfish. When someone is fair, you would really want to be friends with them. You could tell that someone is fair just by their face and everyone would love them. When people are fair, they don’t blame someone for doing something they did not do, just so they don’t have to get into trouble. Fairness doesn’t just mean to share and let people play with you. I am very thankful and glad that there are people in this world that care and are fair to other people. Each day, I make sure I play fair and other people are fair to each other. People who are fair will one day be rewarded and will always be happy because people will start being fair to them. People who are fair will be role models for people who don’t understand what fairness is. People who are fair don’t play unfairly and act as if someone were useless. People who are fair are leaders. If you really think about what fairness is, it’s more than just a character trait. It is a symbol of peace.

 Giselle O Room 12-  Fairness is a very important character trait to have. To me it means to always do what is right. It also means to play by the rules at all times. The third thing fairness means is not to falsely blame or accuse others of wrong doing. It also means to tell the truth and be honest. This is what fairness means to me. One thing fairness means is to do what’s right. For example, if you find something that doesn’t belong to you return it to your owner. Another example is, if you don’t do your work don’t try to hide it from your teacher. Do the right thing and tell the truth if you haven’t done your work. Always do what’s right. Another meaning is to play by the rules. If you are playing tag and you know you are it don’t say you are not it. When you are playing cards don’t look at other people’s cards even if you an see them. If you are playing soccer don’t use hand because hands aren’t allowed in soccer games. Always play by the rules. Do not blame or accuse other people for things they did not do. For  example, if you blame or accuse people for things hey didn’t do, they will not like you for lying. When you do blame or accuse others of doing something wrong and they didn’t do it, it will hurt their feelings. By falsely blaming or accusing others you could also get yourself in a lot of trouble when the truth comes out. Blaming and or accusing others of doing something wrong when they didn’t is not good. Fairness and honesty is almost the same thing. Being honest makes you friends and so does fairness. When you are honest it gives you another good character trait. Being honest also leads to people trusting you and wanting to be your friend. Honesty is a lot like fairness. A great character trait to have is fairness. Fairness means to do what is right. Always play by the rules. Never blame or falsely accuse others of wrongdoings. Try to always be an honest person. These are traits I value in  my friends and family. This is what I believe the true meaning of fairness is.

Sofia K Room 12– Fairness is a very important trait. I think fairness means that you do things equally or nicely, like playing games by the rules or sharing toys with everybody. It could make our life a lot more fun, like if you are playing a game and you play fairly the game is more fun for everybody. One of the few places I spotted fairness is in books that I’ve read. For example, in the first Harry Potter book I can actually compare two of the characters that are opposites. Professor Snape is unfair with the points he takes from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Gryffindor while he gives generously to his house Slytherin, while Professor McGonagall gives and takes away fairly from all houses even her own house Gryffindor. My sister and I show fairness when we put away laundry together as we split evenly among your siblings. I experienced fairness when I was on the Mountain View Robotics team. During meetings we always separated into two groups, one for programming the robot and another group for building arms and attachments for the robot. We made it fair by switching the groups and tasks every meeting so everybody got a chance to build and program. My friends and I like playing in my tree house in my backyard. Our favorite thing to do is to swing down on a rope swing. When we do this we take turns so it is fair and fun for everyone. Whether you are at home, at school or at the playground, it’s important to show fairness everywhere you go.