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Respect Essay Entries - Amy Huynh, Juliana Conway, & Melody Thao

October 31, 2014 at 1:37 PM

Amy Huynh
Respect isn't just a regular word. Respect is about Room 12 treating people how you want to be treated. I think I'm a respectful person because I don't bully others, I don't steal from people, and I respect people's personal items. Being respectful is a huge responsibility and it's not just about not forgetting homework and not bullying, it is about making other people feel happy ad treating them like they really matter. I also think I'm respectful because I try my best to help other people with something they need help on, I don't hurt others and I keep my hands and feet to myself. Respect is important it's not something usual like other words. Respect is a huge opportunity to make more friends and make people feel great about their self. That is why I think I represent the pillar of respect.

Juliana Conway
Many people say "show respect!" or "Do it respectfully!" Many kids think they know what respect means. But what does it really mean? Respect is helping being a servant to others, basically just treating others the way you want to be treated. If you would want someone to help you carry your heavy backpack why don't you, yes you, do it for someone else. Say you're the first in line. Maybe you've been the first in line almost every day. You can give someone else a turn. I know, I know, it is a good spot, but if someone else did that to you how would you feel? Pretty good, huh? If you're on trash crew, peer mediation or K.O.P.S, you show respect by HELPING. Helping is supporting or doing a part or all of something for someone else. For example, if someone needs help carrying something you should help them. It might be hard, challenging, or maybe you just plain don't want to do it, but you can, and you should. Trash crew helps by, well picking up trash! Peer mediation helps by resolving conflicts, which is a fancy talk for solve problems. In K.O.P.S, you help keep our hallways safe. You should join these groups to be respectful of our school. Being respectful to adults is really important. They're the ones who can punish you if you get in trouble. Parents are also probably the ones who buy you food, cook, clean, take you places, do your laundry, and so on. Say thank you to all the adults in the room with you right now. Go ahead, I'll wait. In addition to saying thank you, you can show respect to adults by cleaning, doing chores, and doing what they tell you to do. So be sure to show respect to everybody around you, especially all the adults! So in conclusion, respect is mandatory, and if you follow the golden rule you will show respect. Remember to lead with heart, spirit and pride.

Melody Thao
Respect is not just a word, it's a part that we all need to show each other like friends, family, teachers and even people you don't know. You respect not just people but the environment. Another way to respect somebody is by listening to them when they talk to you. That also means nice manners. Another way to respect someone is by obeying them. A way to respect the environment is by picking up trash even if it's not yours. Another way is by recycling. You can also save water and electricity. What would I do to respect the environment is by picking up the trash. I would also turn off the water in the bathroom or kitchen if the faucet was leaking. Another thing is that I would turn off the electricity when I'm leaving the room. I would respect people by calling them by their names, and by listening to your mom or dad when they tell you to do something. I'd also listen to people who are talking to me. I would also be nice to my guest. That is how we can respect people and the environment.