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Respect Essay Winners - Cloud Laurente and Angelica Baeza

October 17, 2014 at 12:21 PM

Respect Essay Winners

Lower Grade– Cloud Laurente Room 1

Respect means showing people that I care. I can show respect anywhere. It starts with myself. At home, as I wake up I fix my bed and take a bath. I brush my teeth and eat my breakfast together with my brother and get ready for class. Me and my brother thank our mom for taking us to school in the morning. In school, as I am walking in the hallway I greet my friends, classmates and teachers, “Good morning.” I go to the playground, pick up a basketball from the ball bin and make sure to return the basketball from the ball bin and make sure to return the basketball when the bell rings and it is time for class. In the classroom, I do my work and make sure to take care of my books and put all of my things in my desk before it is time for me to go home. This is how I do respect in my own little way.


Upper Grade– Angelica Baeza Room 18

Have you ever been in a situation where you felt hurt, ignored or disrespected? I know I have and that’s never a good feeling. I want to change that. Showing respect, caring, citizenship and trustworthiness could change the world. Imagine a with compliments all around or not being interrupted or maybe ever having good listeners when your speaking. These seem like basic things but if there basic why is listening and waiting patiently such a big problem? I guarantee if everyone shows a little respect everyday this world would be a much better world. Everyday when I’m in class someone doesn’t raise their hand or is talking when my teacher is talking when my teacher is talking. You may not realize it but that is showing disrespect and we don’t want that so lets make a pledge. Ready? “I wil show acts of respect everyday and will give 110% everyday.” Easy right? Showing small acts of respect will make Mountain View an amazing and prenominal school. Then after we’ve done that we could start showing everybody respect even if you don’t know them. I know this is a small essay but I hope it does big things to the world. I hope you do too. Remember showing a smallact of respect each day can change the world. Even if you don’t think so. It doesn’t matter how old, tall, short, young or what your race is be respectful! To your friends, family, teacher, classmates and maybe even yourself. Character matters because if we don’t use respect, caring, citizenship, trustworthiness etc. Can you imagine what it would be like? Show respect that’s all you have to do.