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Dress Code and Bell Schedule Updates
CUSD is conducting a Dress Code Review & a Bell Schedule Review this school year
This school year, Clovis Unified is conducting a Dress Code Review and a Bell Schedule Review, and we invite you to get involved. Every school will be holding meetings for parents, staff and students to learn more and offer comments. Feedback will be processed in the fall, and recommendations will be made for any updates or changes later this year. Families and staff will again have the opportunity for input before final recommendations are made to the CUSD Governing Board. The Board is anticipated to take action in January 2022 to adopt any changes.
Dress Code:  In May, students with the district's InterSchool Council asked for a review of the CUSD Dress Code, especially in terms of leggings and enforcement, and the Governing Board and administration made plans to conduct a thorough review to be held this school year.
Bell Schedule:  State Legislators passed a law regarding later start times for schools that will take effect in the fall of 2022. Clovis Unified will need to make changes to the start and end times at nearly all school sites to meet the operational supports and requirements to comply with this law.
1. Attend our school meeting in the Mountain View Library on September 23, 2021 at 11:30 AM
2. Find more information and background on
3. Provide input on the comment form online at
4. Watch for more information as it becomes available in the coming months.