Monday, Sept. 15
*Cheer 3:15-5:15

Tuesday, Sept. 16
*Wear Character Counts Shirts tomorrow

Wednesday, Sept. 17
*Early Release
K-A.M. 8:00-10:45
K-P.M. 11:00-1:45
1st-6th Grade 8:15-1:30

Thursday, Sept. 18
*Wear your Bear wear colors to school tomorrow!

Friday, Sept. 19
*Sports at Fugman
*Broncomania @ 7:00 Vets Stadium
*Snack Bar

*Friday Sept 26– Sports Games at MV
*Bronco Stampede Oct 4, Pre Sale Ticket available at CNHS.


Principal’s Message
I’d like to personally compliment and thank our PTC for hosting the annual Grandparent’s Ice Cream Social. As always, it proved to be a great event. How wonderful it was to see all the grandparents and families spend time together on the MV campus. It’s events like this that unite as ONE TEAM! Kudos PTC for everything you do for us and our community! Also, big thanks to our student body and community for helping to support our annual Cookie Dough fundraiser. The proceeds from the fundraiser help our school in purchasing new uniforms, awards, plaques, banners, special luncheons and other incentives. For those of you who would like to help out distributing orders, please contact Mrs. Graves in the office. She’d love to have your help! You can leave her a message or send her an email at Laurelgraves@cusd.com. Finally, thanks to the parents who volunteered to chaperone the Sonora trip. We’re looking forward to a fun time next month! Have a great week!

Parking and Visitor Check-in Policy

The drop off- drive thru zone is on the Alluvial side of campus (near kindergarten playground & in front of the school) Please note the Maple side of the campus drive is restricted for busses, handicapped and staff parking only. Parents who have early morning appointments on campus are permitted to use staff parking however, everyone else will need to park along the curb. When using the curb, please pull to the curb to drop off your child and then exit with the flow of traffic. If you park across the street, you need to walk to the crosswalk to come on to the campus. At NO time should you park and leave your car in any loading zone area. This causes traffic to back up and is dangerous. In addition, parking is not permitted behind the cafeteria. Any cars parked in this area will be towed. With everyone doing their part, drop off and pick up time is a much more safe process. Visiting the Campus…...If you do visit the campus, you need to come into the office
Arrival Time on the MV Campus
Please do not drop your child off at school early! There is no supervision on campus before 7:55 am. If your child is on campus before 7:55 am, he or she will be asked to come to the flag pole and wait until supervision picks them up and walks them to the playground. If he or she continues to arrive on campus early, he or she will be asked to sign up for Campus Club. This is a safety issue and the safety of each and every one of our students is important to us! Please call 327-7500.